Emotional nackt: Kimbra tut sich mit DAWN für bewegende Neufassung ihres Songs "Version of Me" zusammen

News-Titelbild - Emotional nackt: Kimbra tut sich mit DAWN für bewegende Neufassung ihres Songs "Version of Me" zusammen

Wenn ihr Kimbras aktuelles Album "Primal Heart" kennt, wird euch ganz sicher der letzte Song "Version of Me" im Gedächtnis geblieben sein, denn in dem wunderschön orchestrierten Song singt die Neuseeländerin bewegend offene und schonungslos ehrliche Zeilen über eine zerbrochene Beziehung und die Akzeptanz der eigenen Unzulänglichkeiten: "If there's a next time, I'll fight harder for you / Won't take for granted what we had / I wake with you in mind, but I'm tired / Fall on different phases are all these faults of mine"

Nun hat sich Kimbra mit einer anderen beeindruckenden Künstlerin für eine neue Version des Tracks zusammengetan, DAWN. Das ehemalige Mitglied der US-Girlgroup Danity Kane fügt dem Song eigene Perspektiven hinzu und sorgt mit ihrer vollen, tiefen Stimme für einen faszinierenden Kontrast zu Kimbras glockenklarem Gesang.

Wie innig die künstlerische Beziehung der beiden ist, wird besonders im Musikvideo deutlich, das ihr unten seht. Darin sitzen sich die beiden auf dem Boden nackt und ineinander verschlungen gegenüber, während sie die Zeilen des Songs singen. Der Song sei durch die Mitwirkung DAWNs "von einem einsamen inneren Ringen zu einem Dialog zwischen Freuen auf einem Pfad der Selbstakzeptanz" geworden, wie Kimbra unten kommentiert. 


VERSION OF ME - KIMBRA X DAWN. Proud to release this today. Link in bio. . Together, @dawnrichard and I gave birth to this new vision & version of the song I wrote for Primal Heart called ‘Version Of Me’. . I sent Dawn my album early on and invited her to rework a song of her choice as I have admired her work for a long time. Within the space of a day or two she had sent me a rework, her magical potent voice intertwining around mine, set to a dark landscape of ambient synths. I added drum programming to the track & began to see it as a new art peice in of itself. It had moved from an inner wrestling in solitude, to a dialogue between two women on a path toward self acceptance. The lyric revealed itself afresh & seemed destined for a visual counterpart where we could embody these words to reflect this connection we shared through the music. . The amazing @micaiahcarter brought this version of the song to LIFE in a series of portraits + a short film for the song which we have also released today. ⚡️⚡️ You can watch it now at the link in my bio & snippets on my story x . I’ve spoken much more on this project for those of you on the mailing list so, sign up if you haven’t already ;) The song is now streaming on all platforms too! I really urge you to listen loud with headphones to experience the sonic nuance in this one... . Thankyou to the beautiful team who worked on this and created the space for us to connect and feel safe, beautiful and known. @duchessnatalia @bexsheers @atafehrosekarimi @evanburristrout @springerinn . Thankyou to @dawnrichard for her Primal Heart and fearless spirit. Where my first video for this song captured the fragility of a seemingly cyclical nature, I feel this new film & rework captures a strength after the storms of self-doubt, the raw courage we find in trusting another to truly see us.... through dialogues of searching, resistance & resolve we strive ever-onward to the better ‘Version’ we shall be, (until perhaps we realize it has been with us all along). . Love.

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