Das Leben ist ein langer "River" und The Knocks sagen uns, wie wir darin erfolgreich schwimmen

News-Titelbild - Das Leben ist ein langer "River" und The Knocks sagen uns, wie wir darin erfolgreich schwimmen

Rückschläge gehören zum Leben dazu. Das Wichtigste ist, auch in schwierigen Situationen den Kopf über Wasser zu halten: "Keep your head above", schärfen uns The Knocks in ihrem neuen Song "River" ein – und sie tun dies auf derartig gefühlvolle und aufbauende Art und Weise, dass sich das rettende Ufer gar nicht mehr so weit anfühlt. Dafür sorgt auch die warme, tröstende Stimme von Sänger und Songwriter Parson James, der in der neuen Single des New Yorker Electro-Duos den Gesang beisteuert. Der US-Künstler ist u.a. für seine Mitwirkung in Kygos weltweitem Hit "Stole The Show" bekannt und sorgt auch in "River" für die richtigen Vibes. Unten gibt es das Lyric Video zu sehen.

 The Knocks kommentieren: "River" is a special one for us. I [Ben] started this while quarantined at my parent's house in the woods during lock down. I was inspired by the environment around me and wanted to create a warm, aurally pleasing track.  Initially it was sample-based but having the opportunity to sit with it for several months, the song eventually evolved into something brighter and more energetic.  We then sent it over to Parson, who took the lyrics and vocals to a new level. He wrote about an experience he had in a recent relationship and we are grateful to him for sharing such a personal moment in his life.  "River" is that. It's a place in time. An ode to the end of summer and a snapshot into the past while hopefully serving as a bridge to the future.”

Parson James sagt: “River” is one of the most exciting records I’ve gotten the pleasure to be a part of. I’ve admired The Knocks and have been friends with Ben for quite some time so to finally get the chance to collaborate is amazing. I originally heard the beginnings of this record earlier this year & I immediately fell in love with it. I had just been through a painful experience during quarantine with a guy who I fell for pretty hard. There were so many complicated elements that led to our situation not working out but when things were good, they were incredible. I had this vivid memory of us during my birthday sitting on the dock at this lake we went to celebrate... something about that moment resonated with me and I felt like I knew it was going to be one of the last times things were good. So, I wanted to savor it. When I heard the River demo all of that rushed right back to me & I immediately started writing the second verse with that experience in mind. This one is super special to me & I’m grateful to the guys for allowing me into their magic.”

"River" folgt auf die jüngsten Singles von The Knocks wie "R U HIGH" mit dem australischen Indie-Pop-Liebling Mallrat, "All About You" mit der Alternative-Band Foster The People und den Fan-Favoriten "Bodies" mit der elektronischen Pop-Band Muna. Auch mit ihrem Alternative-angehauchten Song "Sound The Alarm" mit Rivers Cuomo von Weezer und Royal & the Serpent machte sich die Band zuletzt viele Freunde. Aktuell arbeiten The Knocks an ihrem dritten Album.